ParadigmWorks Group, Inc. offers in-depth career coaching to assist clients who are entering the workforce, seeking career growth or changing careers. Our Career Counseling team takes an individual approach in providing career coaching to each client by thoroughly understanding their goals and jointly developing an achievable plan for success.

Our career coaching services include in-depth assessments and analysis, career plan development, placement services and on-going counseling and tracking. We are networked throughout the United States and capable of providing the resources that are required to ensure continued career growth and success.

  • Increases understanding of how the individual fits into the work world and facilitates finding the ideal career
  • Guides clients step-by-step through the career transition process
  • Answers the myriad of questions that come up in a career change
  • Provides helpful information, tips, advice, and resources
  • Helps clients stay focused and motivated
  • Assists clients in overcoming obstacles and dealing with personal problems and issues that can interfere
  • Provides assistance with the nuts and bolts of job or career searches, such as resume development, preparation for successful interviews, negotiating a salary, etc.

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